How to Change Your Brain for an Easier Life

Chapter 1 (24 min)








Part 1  Our Nervous System: Features, Nuances, and Hiccups
1   What We May Not Realize
2   Why We Do Not Want to Be Stuck in Protection Mode
3   How Our Nervous System Skews Relationships
4   When Our Brain and Nervous System Haunt Us
5   The Path to Connection Mode


Part 2 The Lower Brain Connection: An Unexpected Possibility
6   How the Lower Brain Came into the Story
7   When the Lower Brain Is Not on People’s Radar
8   In the Meantime
9   Changing the Lower Brain


Part 3  The Nervous System’s Trifecta: Getting Started Right Now
10   Restoring Our Nervous System’s Flexibility: The Basics
11   Fast Ways Back to Connection Mode
12   Repairing the Landscape
13   Replenishing Our Nervous System

Appendix A: A Quick Guide to Connection Mode’s Lingo
Appendix B: Our Nervous System at a Glance
Appendix C: The Lower Brain Connection
Appendix D: The Nine Tapping Points
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